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Young Woman's Phone Helps Family Grieve After Fatal Crash

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A sister’s instinct led to the discovery of something that helped a grieving family cope with the loss of their beloved daughter.

Emily Clark was one of five nursing students at Georgia Southern University who were killed in a car crash. Her sister, Haily Clark, soon began to get the feeling that there was something left behind that had survived the crash — her phone.

“Her sister kept saying her phone is there,” the girls’ mother, Kathy Clark, said. “We said, ‘No, it got destroyed.’” Haily, according to reports, had a dream not long after the April 22 crash that killed her sister that she found her sister’s phone near her grave.

“I know that was Emily saying my phone is still alive,” she said. 

Recently, the Clark family received a call from their lawyer saying he’d been given some items from police that were taken from the crash site. Included in the recovered items was an iPhone in a turquoise case.

“That’s Emily’s phone,” Kathy said. “We just knew by looking at it.”

The iPhone, still fully functional, only had dirt on it from the crash. Otherwise, it was in good condition.

“We don’t know how or where it was,” Kathy said of her daughter’s phone.

The phone included text messages from the day of the girl’s death, including one from a professor who reached out after hearing news of the crash — wanting to make sure she was okay. 

The phone, which has photos from the family’s visit to their daughter’s school during her freshman year, has become a gift to the family. 

“It’s just remarkable, and it’s all because of the people she affected through her life,” her mother said. “She’s even affecting people she didn’t know. That helps us get through.”

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