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Young People Go 'Subway Surfing' In New York City (Video)

Three unidentified young men were recently filmed "subway surfing" in New York City (video below).

The video, originally posted on Jan. 17 by Facebook user Alex Campos, has about two million views.

In the video, the young men climb onto the back of the train, and hold on as it pulls out of the station while bystanders yell approval and disapproval.

The comments on Facebook were mixed:

I'd never encourage this but... that's pretty cool.

That s*** not funny.

lets do this.

Because now there are videos and social media... these fools aren't doing anything new... typical NYC bad kid ish lol...nothing new but the cameras.

If they would have got killed, their family should be able to sue.

They should find them and lock them to f*** up and parents gonna come on tv crying bout he was a good kid.

Wait until one them falls off wont be so funny then.

They stop n took pics but no one thought to tell the train conductor about the boys riding on the back. I guess it really didn't matter about saving their lives social media was more important. Smh. Thank God this didn't end deadly.

Dumb ass kids...I wish my son would.

Wtf clowns don't even realize they could get hurt smdh.

They want to be the "cool and bad ass kids" so bad. only if they knew how stupid they looked . Not impressed.

According to, this type of stunt has become popular in cities around the world, including Paris, Belgrave, Mumbai, and Berlin.

The New York Daily News reported in December 2016 about a man who was decapitated after he fell while "subway surfing" in the Big Apple.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has warned New Yorkers not to engage in this dangerous practice.

Sources:, Alex Campos/Facebook, New York Daily News / Photo Credit: Rob Nguyen/Flickr

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