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Kentucky Cop Gives $240 To Young Mom Whose Money Was Stolen

When a young mother who attends Northern Kentucky University (NKU) lost her wallet on campus, she thought the cash inside was gone for good. A campus police officer's good deed, however, helped turn her luck around.

Kati Elliott, a student at NKU and full-time worker, lost her wallet on campus on Sept. 29, FOX 19 reports. She found the wallet later, but the $240 that was inside had disappeared.

Elliott started to worry about making ends meet without the money, since her child's birthday and a planned trip was coming up.

Officer Phil Liles, the responding officer to Elliott's call about the stolen money, gave her some hope.

“He reached in his wallet and he gave me $240 with the understanding that I would show him my grades at the end of the semester and that I would keep my grades up, and that I would return the money to him by December, which I’m of course going to do,” she said in a video she posted to Facebook moments after Liles gave her the money.

In the video, Elliott thanks Liles for his generosity and encourages her fellow NKU students to thank him as well when they see him on campus.

The video was viewed thousands of times in one day.

The police chief at NKU said that Liles will get a commendation for going above and beyond to help Elliott.

Sources: Fox 19, WKRC Cincinnati

Photo Credit: Fox 19, WKRC Cincinatti


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