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Young Boy Stops To Take Photo Next To Fallen Tree, Gets Crushed


No matter where they are in the world, children are curious. They love to explore and learn new things and get outside and see the wide-open world. So, when a massive tree was knocked over during a storm, one 12-year-old boy from Queensland, Australia happened to be nearby. Although the tree was knocked over more than a year before, while the boy was playing near its roots, the tree suddenly sprang back into place, crushing the little boy immediately.

Now the mother of the boy has come forward to share the gruesome facts of the case and to warn other children from playing in dangerous situations.


The boy was curious, but he was also a kind-hearted individual. He was on his grandparents’ property, helping them clean up following the massive storm that knocked over a lot of trees and felled many branches. The boy, Connor Creagh, was working to clear things up when the large tree sprung back up and crushed him.

As the tree sprang upright, the roots landed on him, smashing him into the ground, rushing his small body.

An arborist from Queensland said that the incident is not unheard of. After storms ravage the landscape, trees can sometimes get back up.


While Connor was playing in the yard and trying to help clean up his grandparents’ property, the family thought it would be safe since things were already knocked down. However, the threat happened to be under their feet.

“The kids were playing under a tree that had already fallen, so the root ball was actually in the air,” Danielle Miles said.

She even looked at the tree and examined it, and thought it was safe since it had been knocked down.

“I glanced over and thought ‘oh yep, they’re fine.’”

The next thing she heard was Connor’s scream.

“It was a scream we’ll never forget, and of course we just started running as fast as we could,” she said. “We could see the other two kids, but we couldn’t see Connor.”


Miles realized that the tree had sprung back up and crushed Connor.

“The tree was standing back up, and Connor was trapped from the chest down. There are no words to describe what it’s like to see your child like that. It was the worst feeling I think I’ve ever had in my life.”

After a lot of effort, the family removed Connor from out under the tree. The family used trucks and machines to get the boy out.

Connor survived. He broke his femur and eight ribs. His lungs were also crushed, and he needed to have his air pashed rebuilt. The tree also crushed his heart.


When Connor made it to the hospital, it was unclear if he would survive.

“They told me he was going to have significant brain injuries, and to be prepared because it didn’t look good at all,” Miles said.

Connor doesn’t remember the moment the tree crushed him. However, he is happy that doctors saved his life and he is recovering.


“I can’t wait to figure out what I can do after I get better healed and the rod (in my leg) comes out,” he said.

Sources: ABC / Photo Credit: Post Image

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