You'll Never Guess Why This Police Officer Parked Across A Handicap Spot (Photos)


A police officer was pictured with his car parked across a handicap spot at a laundromat, while he was reportedly inside for nothing more than to do his laundry.

The photo, shared by Redditor SleepingPanther, showed a police car parked diagonally across a handicap spot in front of a laundromat. The caption alongside the photo read, “Went in to do his laundry.”

Fellow Redditors were stunned by the apparent disregard shown by the officer if, indeed, he parked the way he did just to do laundry.

“You really saw him doing laundry?” JorgeCotto40 asked.

“Seriously, if he was actually in there doing laundry, that's the most egregious parking violation by a cop I've seen yet,” LINAC1800 added, before SleepingPanther confirmed the officer’s parking violation.

“Yep,” the Redditor wrote. “And there were other spots to park in. I have no idea why he chose that one ... other than it was the closest to the door.”

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It was later revealed that the officer in question is an employee of the Borough of Forest Hills Police Department in Texas.

“Do you want to offer any details so that this situation can be investigated/addressed?" the department asked after Redditor BobbyJanniro shared the photo on their Facebook page. "What day and time was this picture taken?” 

Once details were given, the department conducted an investigation and later offered an update on the exact situation displayed in the photo.

“We already know the location,” the department wrote. "They provide laundry service and are a vendor for the city. The black trash bag was full of jail laundry and the officer was there on official business.

“The problem we have is not that the officer was there, but how he was parked. It is not acceptable to park in a handicap parking space unless he is responding to an emergency. That will be addressed by his commander now that we have the date of the photo and the officer can be identified.”

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

Photo Credit: imgur.com, Wikipedia


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