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You'll Never Believe What This Chair Is Stuffed With (Photos)

A Scottish couple who bought a cheap chair at an auction years ago recently discovered that the chair contained thousands of dollars worth of diamonds inside.

Angus Milner-Brown, 47, and his wife Angela, 50, bought the chair at an auction 10 years ago but left it in their attic since then as they could not afford to get it reupholstered, according to the Mirror.

When Angus finally got around to working on the chair, he discovered a ring, a brooch, and a pair of earrings inside of it, according to the Scottish Daily Record.

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Angela said of the chair: "We bought the chair at an auction for [about $6.60], but that was years ago now."

Of the jewelry inside the chair, she said:

They must have been hidden inside the chair by previous owners. We just couldn’t believe it.

There were about three or four layers that he had to rip off and that was when he found the jewelry hidden under the final layer.

My husband is very romantic, so he decided to keep the items secret and surprise me with them over the next few celebratory occasions. It was a really lovely thing to do.

The diamond ring became a wedding anniversary gift, while the earrings and the brooch were given out at Valentine's Day and on Easter, respectively.

The couple has said that they do not intend to sell the chair.

"They told us that the diamond jewelry and the chair were worth around [$6600] together. It was an amazing, wonderful discovery. You just never know what you’ll find in an old piece of furniture."

Sources: Mirror, Scottish Daily Record / Photo credit: Mirror

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