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You Won't Believe What This Children's Book Is Called (Video)

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A “children’s book” began making headlines after a woman posted video of the book’s contents online.

“This is an actual children’s book,” the woman proclaims (video below) before reading the title. “Do You Want To Play With My Balls?”

The woman then began reading from the shockingly titled book, revealing its innuendo-fueled dialogue accompanied by pictures that tell a more innocent story.

“Hey Louie! Do you want to play with my balls?” the main character, Chuck, asks.

“Sure, Chuck! I can hold your ball sack so it won’t drag on the ground,” Louie replies. “Wow, your balls are so big I can’t even fit them in my mouth. My mom’s always yelling, ‘Louie, get those balls out of your mouth before you choke.'

“You know that mean girl Sally? She squeezed my balls so hard, they looked funny,” Louie continues. 

“Yeah, well, when I play with Sally,” Chuck replies. “I always end up with blue balls.”

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The story later introduces Louie’s dog, Sparky, who begins “licking” Chuck’s balls.

“Let’s roll them on Sparky’s fur. Girls hate hairy balls,” Louie says. “You know, Chuck, if we show Sally our hairy balls, she’ll scream for sure.” 

“Yeah, but, I don’t know. I kind of like Sally,” Chuck says. “I wish she’d just play nice with my balls.”

The book ends with Sally requesting to play with both Louie and Chuck’s balls “at the same time.”

Response to the video was mixed, with many pointing out that it was clearly a parody of a children’s book meant for adults.

“You acting like people don't make books in child-like format but it's meant for adults... Obviously this ain't for kids,” LBN-3805 commented on World Star Hip Hop.

“This lady on the video got Ya'll fooled.. This is not a children's book.. It is meant for adults. Google is your friend.... look it up,” CSmith added.

Other viewers said they found the contents of the book to be inappropriate and disturbing, regardless of whether or not it’s intended for children.

“People are pathetic for making this. Perverted and disturbed,” Jon Ruiz wrote.

The book's kickstarter page confirms that it was intended as a children's book for adults, that will "make your family vomit with glee!"

Watch video of the book reading below.

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