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You Could Own This 6,200-Square-Foot House Without Paying Anything At All (Photos)

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Imagine owning a 6,200-square-foot home without paying anything at all. It probably sounds a bit too good to be true, of course. One couple in Indiana is making the ultimate dream of homeowners everywhere a reality.

The couple is offering their 6,200-square-foot, custom built log cabin in Columbus, Indiana, for nothing more than a 250-word essay of the topic "a life well lived," as well as a $150 entry fee.

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Before the winner can be declared, the couple is requiring that 4,500 entries be submitted — essentially setting the price of the house at $675,000. The stunning home features an indoor pool, four bedrooms, four bathrooms and 5 acres of property.

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Details for entry are available at the contest's official site. 

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Sources: WFSB, NBC 12

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