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'You Get Me Motivated': Fifth Grader Writes Heartfelt Thank-You Note To Teacher

It’s a simple note to say “thank you” to a teacher, but it has been generating a good deal of buzz around Richmond Public Schools in Richmond, Virginia. 

Fifth grader Jamil Mashore wrote the note to his teacher, Miriam Thomas, at J.E.B. Stuart Elementary School to tell her how much she is appreciated, WRIC News reports. 

It reads:

Good Morning Mrs. Thomas,

You are the best teacher I have ever had. You are nice but at the same time you don’t play. You’re reasonable. I think of you as my school mom. I am happy that I am in the 5th grade and in your class. You get me motivated in the morning to learn.

This is the 1st year I have ever been happy to go to school. You make me feel better in the mornings when I’m not feeling good and I understand my work better because of the way you teach. I’m ready for whatever you throw at me! I am very EXCITED to be in your class this year. When I graduate next year I will thank YOU again. This message to you is short because I have to go to bed soon. 

Once the letter was delivered, the school district posted it, along with a picture of Jamil and Thomas, to the district’s Facebook page. 

It has since been liked over 130 times and shared over 30 times.

After the picture was posted, WRIC went to the school and spoke with Jamil about his letter.

“She has a teacher life and a personal life, so I thought just to take my time out to write her a letter, that would make her at least a little happier,” he said. 

Thomas told WRIC the note brought tears to her eyes. 

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“It was so unexpected and it was very, very thoughtful,” she said. 

Thomas said she tries to set a positive mood in her class from the opening day of the year. 

“I told them on the first day there are going to be some days you see me more than your parents and I will see you more than my own children, so why do we want to be miserable?”  she told WRIC. “Let’s make it a safe place for everybody.  We don’t know what’s going to happen outside of here, but we can control what happens in our room.”

Thomas said she’s been teaching for eight years. 

Sources: WRIC News, Facebook: Richmond Public Schools

Photo credit: Facebook: Richmond Public Schools


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