Nicolas Cage And Vince Neil Fight In Las Vegas (Video)


Actor Nicolas Cage and Motley Crue singer Vince Neil were caught on film in the middle of a physical altercation outside of a Las Vegas casino.

Footage released April 8 shows the two celebrities in a brawl outside the Aria Resort & Casino.

TMZ reports Neil allegedly assaulted a woman inside of the casino's hotel before Cage grabbed and shoved him in an attempt to calm him down. 

A woman reportedly approached Neil for an autograph inside the casino, to which the singer allegedly responded by grabbing the woman's hair and throwing her to the ground.

The video obtained by TMZ shows the aftermath of the alleged assault. Cage can be seen yelling at Neil to "stop this s*** now," while he grabs him by his arm and neck on the sidewalk outside the casino.

After the heated exchange seemed to wane, Nicolas Cage can be heard telling Vince Neil, "You're OK, I love you," before the video cuts off.

Watch footage of the fight above.

Sources: TMZYouTube / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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