Wounded Marine's Inspirational Video Goes Viral (Video)


A video of a marine, who lost a leg and an eye in Afghanistan, climbing a hill to honor fallen veterans has found a large internet audience, awed by the man's determination (video below).

Josue Barron, a former marine from the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment who lost his left leg and left eye to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan in 2010, was filmed climbing a steep hill during a hiking event for veterans at Camp Pendleton, California, Fox News reports.

The event, a five-year reunion of Barron's unit which saw the deadliest deployment in Afghanistan in 2011, involved a walk up a steep hill called First Sergeant's Hill, where crosses have been placed to honor fallen marines from Barron's unit.

"When I saw that steep hill, I doubted myself a little bit," Barron said in an interview with the Marine Corps Times.

The video shows fellow veterans cheering Barron on as he climbs the hill, and helping him walk after he removes his prosthetic leg. He crawls on his hands and leg at one point, showing a determination that has made his video inspirational.

"I had told myself I want to see those crosses, and it took me five years to get up there. I knew I had to get up there some way, some how," Barron told KSWB. "The leg wasn't working the way I wanted it to work, so I just took it off and kind of crawled on my arms and one leg."

"I can't let my amputation and my eye slow me down," he added.

Barron said he was humbled by the attention the video received online, adding that he hopes it serves as motivation for fellow veterans who may be depressed or contemplating suicide, as members of his unit have done.

"After a while my body went numb, but I wanted to get up there," said Barron. "I have friends up there, and there was no way I was coming back down without reaching them."

Source: Fox News, KSWB, Marine Corps Times / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons / Video: Fox News via YouTube

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