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Worker's '2 Weeks Notice' Letter To Boss Goes Viral (Photo)

An employee penned an amazingly direct two-week notice letter that quickly became a social media sensation — garnering more than a million views in three days.

Instead of starting subtly, the employee began the notice with a punch. “I am sorry that my stepmother died so suddenly from cancer. I am sorry that I am not a robot and was emotionally affected by her passing and had to miss work,” the note read. “I am sorry that I got sick and had to miss work so that I didn’t get anyone else sick.”

From there, the employee called the boss out for illegally neglecting to pay overtime. “I am sorry I work 47.5 hours per week (without getting paid the overtime that I am legally owed) for the last seven months and thus have little choice but to schedule necessary doctor’s appointments during school hours.

“Clearly I am a terrible employee, and for that I apologize,” the employee sarcastically wrote. “I know you hate people telling you how to do your job, but I suggest you start looking for my replacement. Immediately.”

Reaction to the letter on Reddit was mixed, with many readers criticizing the letter for being too passive aggressive.

“And dump the 'I'm sorry not sorry' bulls***. It makes it look like a passive aggressive bulls*** employee. Handwritten and passive aggressive? It can be done better,” Redditor L00pee said.

Others advised the employee to pursue the overtime pay they were owed and take action against the boss.

"Go talk to your state labor commissioner before the statute of limitations runs on your overtime claims,” 2001Steel said. “You may be entitled to the overtime hours plus penalties. It's a nice parting gift to scumbag employers.”

“Or go talk to a lawyer, it could potentially turn class action if other people have experienced this problem,” Flexbucket replied.

Do you think the employee’s letter was an appropriate way to leave a job?

Sources: RedditImgur


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