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Worker Fired Over Inappropriate Joke Inside Pizza Box (Photo)

Worker Fired Over Inappropriate Joke Inside Pizza Box (Photo) Promo Image

A Pizza Hut employee in Stafford, Virginia, was fired after a mother complained that an "inappropriate" joke was written inside a pizza box delivered to her two teenage boys. 

The mother, who asked not to be identified because she says she is being cyberbullied, said that her sons requested a joke be written inside the box, according to WJLA.

"My son ordered a pizza online and under the special instructions he requested a joke," she said.

Her 12- and-15-year-old sons have previously requested jokes to be printed inside the box. Online ordering systems and smartphone apps have made it easier to make requests on pizza orders, and it has been a growing trend to ask for a joke to be written inside a pizza box.

But this time, the joke was too inappropriate for the mom's taste.

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"What do a pizza delivery driver and a gynecologist have in common?" the joke begins.

The crass punchline?

"They both get close enough to smell the goods but if they eat it they'll be in trouble."

The mother was shocked, taking to Facebook to express her disgust.

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"I was really shocked and floored that Pizza Hut would send that type of joke out," she said. "The employee even called and I told her that I hope she doesn’t lose her job over this."

The employee did lose her job leading to an online backlash against the mother.

"I hope you see it in that big, black heart of yours to call back and explain that you aren't upset," one post read in part. "Days before Christmas you got someone fired."

Other comments say her family ordered a joke and that they got what they asked for. But the mother disagreed, saying that this was not the "time or place" for a joke of that nature.

"It’s an inappropriate joke," she wrote online in response to the backlash. "There’s a time and place for everything. My pizza box is not one of them. It’s a lesson learned."

Pizza Hut has yet to comment on the situation.

A similar story occurred in June, when a 19-year-old from England asked Domino's for a joke to be printed inside his pizza box and received a crude picture of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, according to the Daily Mail.

The drawing depicted a plane about to strike the Twin Towers and was captioned "Who did 9/11?"

Domino's issued the 19-year-old a refund and a coupon for a free meal. The employee was not fired, but apologized saying he drew the sketch with "no malice" intended.

Sources: WJLA, Daily Mail / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: WJLA, Rusty Clark/Flickr

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