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Women's Lacrosse Player Smacks Opponent With Stick (Video)

A player for the Oregon Ducks women's lacrosse team hit Detroit Mercy player Lexie Kinmond three times during a game on Feb. 21 (video below).

According to, Oregon Ducks player Jackie Moccia appeared to be the one wielding her stick on Kinmond's head.

On the third hit, Kinmond fell to the field; no penalties were called on any of the incidents.

Detroit Mercy head coach Laura Maness said in a statement: "The refs missed all of these cheap shots as they happened off ball, but early in the game she was issued a yellow card for another hard foul. Her behavior escalated throughout the game." 

"Oregon athletic department, the Mountain Pacific Sports Conference, and the Officiating assignor have all had access to the video footage afterwards as we wanted to bring them in the loop of what had happened, and we were seeking discipline action to be taken." notes: "Once can be called an accident, twice is a trend and third is a certifiable crazy person, so, hopefully, Moccia gets disciplined for her multiple cheap shots."

(Note: Close-ups of the hits begin at the :17 mark)

Sources:, / Photo Credit: acmsinger/YouTube

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