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Women Use Tinder To Get Men To Do Their Chores

Some women are reportedly using the dating app Tinder to get men to do chores for them.

Fiona Bloom, a 47-year-old woman in Brooklyn, New York, recently told the New York Post: "I’ve tried speed dating and all the dating apps, but every time I put my real age, all I get are idiots and losers. I figured, why not make them useful and have them help me around the house?"

Bloom swiped right on Tinder for a 40-something man dressed like handy man when she needed someone to install an air conditioner in her apartment.

"I wasn’t attracted to him, but he was very forthcoming," Bloom recalled.

Bloom said she told him that she only wanted her air conditioner installed. He came over to her apartment and installed the appliance. Bloom thanked him and told him to leave.

The man later messaged her on Tinder to ask for a date, but Bloom never responded.

"Men are hard-wired to feel strong and be a provider," Bloom told the newspaper. "I don’t feel guilty using them for a little help."

"If a man thinks waxing a woman’s floors will get him action, why not?" Marni Kinrys, writer of the blog, added. "This could be a great starting point for both parties to get to know each other."

However, if one of the parties has no intention of getting to know the other, some say it is exploitation.

"It just seems so transparently selfish," Evan Marc Katz, a dating coach, countered. "It’s equivalent to the guy who has sex with a stranger and never calls her again."

"You get the wrong guy on the wrong day, and he has anger issues and yeah — it could be a bad situation," Katz added.

Another Brooklyn woman, who chose to be identified only as Lori, said that she used Tinder to get someone to install her air conditioner as well.

"I sent him a selfie of me sweating in my room, and he came over like a knight in shining armor," she recalled.

"I think men really like a damsel in distress," she added.

Her current boyfriend, Andrew, is the man who helped her out with the AC.

Susan Zalkind wrote in Boston Magazine in March 2015 how she used Tinder to get a man to come over and shovel her car out of the snow:

I swiped right exactly a dozen times. Instead of looking for men I was necessarily attracted to, I looked for men who seemed especially wholesome. (If only this Venn diagram had a greater overlap, perhaps I wouldn’t be in this predicament at all.) In less than 15 minutes, I got 11 matches and three offers. It probably helped that it was the Friday before Valentine’s Day. I checked that my roommate would be home, and moved forward on a first come, first shovel basis.

Sources: New York Post, Boston Magazine / Photo Credit: EncMstr/Wikimedia

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