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Women Slam Men On MTV For Women’s History Month (Video)

MTV News recently aired a segment in which several women celebrated Women’s History Month by slamming men (video below).

MTV notes on its website: "The calendar year is already chock-full of holidays and events that celebrate stuff men have done — *cough* Columbus Day *cough* Presidents['] Day *cough* — while few of us know about women’s achievements."

The video "Why Isn’t There a Men’s History Month?" begins with women saying they like men, but then cuts to a knife slicing a phallic-shaped vegetable in half, and a woman stating, "Women's History Month isn't about taking anything away from men."

"OK, I wouldn't dream of it; how dare I!" another woman says sarcastically.

The women then mock how men have not subjected to discrimination by their male relatives and employers.

"You mean there hasn't been a systemic oppression of men for thousands of years?" one woman asks. "Oh that's right, it's women."

The video then quickly shifts gears to "celebrate all the awesome things that women have done for themselves and for the world."

The video mentions Eileen Collins, the first female pilot and commander of a space shuttle, and Mary Lou Williams, a famous jazz pianist.

The video then cuts to a woman stating: "To be honest, I'm having trouble understanding why anyone would want a Men's History Month. I think this whole country is in celebration of the phallus."

“It’s like we celebrate so many dudes that we’re running out of dudes to celebrate,” another young woman adds.

"Now, we've kind of moved on to the dudes who are kind of D-bags," another young lady says.

Columbus is called a "genocidal pimp who couldn't read a map," by another woman.

A young woman states that people "probably can't name the three women that started #BlackLivesMatter."

"There's still institutionalized sexism that prevents us from achieving or even earning the same amount as a man," a woman states.

The video has received (so far) 264 thumbs up on YouTube, and 1,878 thumbs down.

Some of the comments on MTV News' YouTube page included:

"Thanks MTV!!! I thought for a moment I'd have to celebrate women's history without ridiculing men."

"MTV has devolved into male bashing, white bash and just overall trash."

"Videos like this make me glad I'm single and not affiliated with a [woman] who thinks the gender pay gap is still real."

"[S]o instead of actually celebrating the women of history, you decided to ridicule the men great efforts [toward] equality guys."

Sources: MTV (2) / Photo credit: MTV News/YouTube

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