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Women Caught Admiring Basketball Player (Video)

Women Caught Admiring Basketball Player (Video) Promo Image

Two women were caught admiring a basketball player in a hilarious moment that is now going viral (video below).

According to the Daily Mail, two women were watching the Los Angeles Clippers game Jan. 26 when guard Louis Williams walked out-of-bounds and bent over right in front of them.

The camera happened to be on the women when the woman on the right made a somewhat explicit gesture toward the Clippers player's backside. She put her finger in her mouth and gestured at him before turning to her friend and smiling.

Following the explicit gesture, the woman on the left bulged her eyes while staring at Williams.

The clip surfaced online and Twitter users were quick to share their reactions.

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"Looks like the girl next to her didn't even get wtf she was trying to do, awkward," one user wrote.

Former model Melissa Stetten shared the clip on her Twitter page as well, writing, "Hey [Williams], I think this girl wants to put her finger in your butt?"

"[Williams] was so hot tonight even the Memphis ladies were impressed," another user wrote. "Lol 40/10. #AllStar4Real"

During the game at which the gesture was made, Williams put up 40 points, 10 assists, four steals, and two rebounds in just 34 minutes of action, according to ClutchPoints.

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Readers of the Daily Mail shared their thoughts on the clip of the two women.

"If women want to be treated equally, they need to stop doing these types of things," one reader commented. "Can you imagine the outrage if it was man doing this to a cheerleader? No doubt these two would have called him a disgusting creep."

"Lets all be honest this was creepy and don't be like oh it's women doing it so it's okay everyone is held accountable by they actions, I don't support double standards because if this was a man the headline would be different indeed," another user wrote.

"Have to agree with most of the comments here," another added. "This would now be headline news with mayhem and all hell let loose if it had been a man oggling a woman. The other way round, it's just a laugh. World has truly gone mad."

"Oh it's an amusing video because it's women," another reader wrote. "Totally different tone set on the first line, I don't have a problem with this video, I've checked out men before, it's natural. It's the medias response to it that I have a problem with."

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