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Woman Endures The 'Worst Walk Of Shame' Ever In Snowstorm (Video)

A Twitter user captured what he believes to be the worst walk of shame in history on video.

Chandlar Fowler, of West Virginia, posted the clip online (video below) on Jan. 23, the Daily Mail reported. It shows a woman wearing some questionable attire for a blizzard.

The woman is seen wearing nothing but a t-shirt, clutching a jacket in one hand and heels in the other. She appears to be jumping from one foot to the other in an attempt to shake some of the snow off her bare feet.

While the circumstances surrounding the young woman's stroll in the snow are unconfirmed, Fowler is convinced he knows exactly what happened.

“The worst walk of shame the world and Blizzard Jonas has ever seen,” Fowler captioned the video.

West Virginia was reportedly one of the worst-hit areas this weekend, racking up more than three feet of snow.

Meanwhile, New York City saw its second biggest blizzard in history with 26.8 inches of snow, the NY Daily News reported. The snowfall was 0.1 inches short of the record, which was set in February 2006 with 26.9 inches, according to government records.

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Daily News / Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube

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