Woman's Tirade Against McDonald's Employees Goes Viral (Video)


Online personality Brandy Wooten has gone viral for a nearly two-minute clip where she abused a McDonald’s employee for failing to get her cookies on time (video below).

Wooten claims she called the McDonald’s ahead of time to request some cookies, but she began recording her tirade against the employee after she was told she would have to wait. 

Although Wooten’s video was initially uploaded to Facebook, she claims it was deleted and uploaded it to YouTube on Oct. 31. A Facebook page with the name MrTechnicalDifficult re-uploaded the video and it has since been viewed nearly 4 million times. “How could someone possibly post this thinking they were in the right?” MrTechnicalDifficult asked in the comments, earning more than 20,000 likes.

In Wooten’s expletive-laced video, she demands her money back.  “Give me my damn money for sure, you got some raggedy-a-- employees anyway. I don't want your motherf------ cookies anyway."

She also threatens to tag the fast food restaurant on Facebook and encourage her fans, whom she calls "Brandy Hive," to "go up."

“I really do this, I'm a real blogger though honey. Where's my money, can I have my money?”

The video ends with Wooten getting her money back. While it’s unclear where the McDonald’s is located, Wooten’s most recent posts tag her in Ontario, California. 

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Sources: Mr. TechnicalDifficult/Facebook, Brandy Wooten/Facebook, Brandy Wooten/YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via Brandy Wooten/YouTube

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