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Selfie At Waterfall Reveals Something Terrifying (Photo)

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Selfie At Waterfall Reveals Something Terrifying (Photo) Promo Image

A woman taking a selfie at a waterfall unknowingly caught on camera the moment that a group of people desperately tried to save their friend from drowning.

Anneka Bading was swimming at the waterfall when she decided to use a GoPro camera to film herself. Bading was unaware that behind her, a 28-year-old Taiwanese man had just fallen into the water and was drowning. Right after the selfie was taken, the man's friends reportedly began screaming and attempting to save him.

"They were just playing under the waterfall on the rocks," she told The Stawell Times. "They didn’t even swim there, he was sitting on the rock and must have slipped. They were having so much fun till he fell in."

Bading said she and her two friends weren't sure what happened when the commotion initially erupted.

"We got halfway out where the water was very deep, then all these people started screaming and pointing," she said.

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"At that point we had no idea what was going on. We thought some sort of animal was in the water. We couldn’t understand what was going on and they kept screaming and pointing. One girl grabbed my GoPro stick and tried to use it to save him. I then clicked someone was drowning."

The man's friends reportedly grabbed a log and attempted to swim out to where he was.

"[The lifeguard] jumped in ... but he said it’s so deep and the pressure was intense," Bading said.

"We all told him not to risk it. Thank God he didn’t. I got out of the water and tried to call [emergency services], asking everyone if they had service. Not one person had service. Everyone didn’t know what to do and we couldn’t understand [the victim’s friends]. My legs were shaking when I knew what was going on but no one knew what to do."

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The man's body was recovered the next morning, the Daily Mail reported.

Bading said that there was inadequate warning about a rock shelf under the water that was reportedly what caused the man to drown -- despite officials at Mackenzie Falls claiming that there were three signs in the area.

"We’re terribly saddened by this incident at Mackenzie Falls," Simon Talbot, chief operating officer with Parks Victoria, said in a statement. "In all of the state’s national parks and reserves it’s important for visitors to observe warning signs and the advice of park rangers."

Many readers expressed shock and sadness over what happened at the waterfall.

"What a terrible accident ... I don't think extending the phone coverage would have helped ..... while I know the young man slipped and wasn't swimming .. the rest obeying the no swimming signs will help stop more tragedies like this happening," one Daily Mail reader commented.

"Putting more signs up doesnt mean people will stop going into the water, there will always be people wanting to try the water," another wrote.

Sources: The Stawell Times, Daily Mail / Featured Image: Pexels / Embedded Images: Anneka Bading and alexandreleder/Instagram via Daily Mail 

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