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Woman's Genius Chopsticks Hack Goes Viral (Photos)

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An Australian woman became an Internet sensation after discovering a "life hack" to better use chopsticks.

She posted her simple trick online, and it soon went viral. The trick involves snapping the wooden tab off the end of a pair of chopsticks instead of separating the sticks from the middle. 

Then, use the tab as a rest for the chopsticks in between bites, to avoid placing them on the table.

After posting the "hack" online, it quickly spread among social media users and ultimately went viral. 

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"This is the same feeling I got when I discovered the noodle boxes fold out into bowls," one user tweeted about the moment they learned of the trick.

The Huffington Post later wrote a follow-up about the trick, saying that several attempts to snap the sticks in the right place failed, and they instead snapped in the middle.

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Sources: Daily Mail, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Daily Mail, Huffington Post

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