Woman's Obituary Says 2016 Election Killed Her (Photo)


A Texas woman's obituary is going viral after her readers noticed the surprising thing listed as her cause of death.

Elene Meyer Davis died on June 7, 2016, at the age of 91. Her obituary in the Houston Chronicle lists her cause of death as "complications due to congestive heart failure and the 2016 Presidential campaign."

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The obituary doesn't clarify which end of the political spectrum Davis was on, but it says that she was "schooled in life and politics at the knee of her father, Marcell A. Meyer, who was a Jeffersonian Democrat, a highly independent thinker, a lumberman who rode fifty miles a day on horseback, with a shotgun in his saddle in the logging camps of south Louisiana."

Davis' obituary says she is a descendent of a Civil War veteran and that she was passionate about her Southern heritage. She was born in Yoakum, Texas, in 1924 and graduated from the University of Texas at the age of 19. She was a gardener and a philanthropist.

The obituary says Davis believed "political correctness was an excuse to erase facts and history" and that she "deplored the misinformed, the ill-informed and the mal-informed." 

The dig at the 2016 election is a sentiment many Americans can get behind, no matter their political ideology. Hopefully this election doesn't claim any more lives.

Sources: ChronHuffington PostImgur / Photo credit: The Sentinel

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