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Users Curious About What's Between Woman's Legs (Photo)

A photo of a woman appears normal, until you look between her legs.

The photo, posted to Imgur, is of a young brunette woman wearing a black Badness Records T-shirt, short black shorts and high heels, with framed posters in the background.

Imgur users, though, found something strange in the photo after viewing it: a shadow between the woman’s legs that resembles a penis.

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“For those who can’t see it: her penis is casting a weird shadow,” one user commented.

“Everyone’s talking about the shadow leg d**k and here I am trying to figure out where the hips become legs and vice versa,” another user wrote.

“That b***h is hung!” another exclaimed.

Some users believe the image has been manipulated with a digital editing program.

“The shadow looks shopped,” one user commented.

“If only it wasn’t photoshop,” another wrote.

The image has been viewed more than 85,000 times in about six months on Imgur.

A photo featuring a shadow penis is not uncommon online, and Funny Or Die compiled a list of some of the funniest.

Penises can appear as shadows in photos of garbage cans.

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 Or when the light hits a person’s knee in just the right way.

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And when someone is simply walking down the street.

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The photo of the Badness Records woman made Funny Or Die’s list, too.

Sources: drackian/Imgur, Funny Or Die / Photo credit: drackian/Imgur, Funny Or Die

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