Couple Suspected Of Burying Infant Child Arrested


A couple were arrested after their infant child was found buried in a shallow grave.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office in Michigan was contacted by the Dayton Police Department in Ohio on July 22 about the possibility of a child’s death, WILX reported.

"They received information from an anonymous source, presumably somebody close to these parents," Jackson County Undersheriff Chris Kuhl told WILX. "That they felt something had been done to the child or perhaps these people knew the parents and knew they had a child before and now they did not."

Jackson County officers found the infant child buried in a shallow grave in the backyard of a home in Waterloo Township, Michigan.

"That just doesn't seem plausible that something would happen here,” one neighbor told the news station. "It's just things you hear about, but you don't think happen in your neighborhood.”

The parents were later identified as Timothy Young and Brittani Hill. Kuhl said the couple had rented a home in Waterloo Township until late 2015 or early 2016.

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"I know that they have been very transient over their life and have lived in numerous locations and again, the most I know is they've been down in Dayton, Ohio for the last several months," Kuhl explained.

The couple told police the baby had choked and died, WDTN reports.

Young and Hill are currently in Montgomery County Jail, Ohio, and are facing charges of concealing the death of an individual and removing a body without a medical examiner's approval. They are waiting to be extradited to Michigan.

"It's just a very sad circumstance that somebody would think burying a baby in the backyard would be the solution to a problem," another neighbor added.

Kuhl said the child was most likely somewhere between 6 months to 1 year old.

"We suspect that it's been there for probably within the last five to seven months. So, we're talking probably very late winter, very early spring,” he added. "Based on the conditions of the remains, I'm not sure that we will ever actually be able to definitively determine how the child died. Minimally, we know that obviously, the child was buried in the shallow grave and we allege was put there by them."

Sources: WILX, WDTN / Photo credit: Jackson County Sheriff's Office via WILX

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