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Woman's Encounter With Homeless Man Goes Viral

An Alaska woman's miraculous encounter with a homeless man has touched the hearts of many all over the world.

Kenyada Waters recalls on Facebook how she intuitively felt drawn to connecting with a homeless man holding a sign.

“... God told me to give him my card and hire him to do some labor work for my business!” she wrote.

The man then shared his story with her, explaining he was not a “lazy bum” but had worked as a tree climber and cutter for 20 years before unexpectedly being laid off.

He said he “was so embarrassed” to beg, but he was about to be evicted from his apartment and had no choice.

“... [P]eople would drive past him and yell out get a job you stupid lazy bum not knowing he has submitted over 20 applications and [has] not heard anything back,” Waters said.

What was making his job search even harder was the fact he no longer had access to a cell phone -- hence, he was forced to beg for money so he could pay for it.

“Then with his cell phone being cut off he had no way for businesses to get in contact with him he would have to call in and check on his application which resulted in him missing a lot of jobs,” Waters explained.

At that point, Waters says she knew she had been sent to help him.

“So God told me to pay for his cell phone and not only did I pay for it one month but I paid for two months!!!! This man cried in AT&T!” she said.

Yet that’s not all -- around that very moment, the man got a surprising text message on his new phone.

“It was from one of the [jobs] that he applied to saying that he could possibly have a job in two weeks in Kenai!!!! Wow!!!!!! [God’s] timing is perfect!” Waters remarked.

Now Waters hopes people will use her story to be inspired, not just to help the man get a job, but also to reserve judgment.

“Stop judging the homeless and struggling! Not everyone is lazy and an addict! It might be you one day! Extend your hand don't point it!” she said.

Waters has also created a GoFundMe page to help the man pay for rent and get a car.

As of July 1, visitors have already donated over $4,200.

Sources: Kenyada Waters/Facebook, Angels for Richard/GoFundMe / Photo credit: Kenyada Waters/Facebook

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