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Woman Finds Worm In McDonald's Diet Coke

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An Indiana woman found a worm in her McDonald's Diet Coke. 

WTHR reports that Nicole Eliason of Noblesville, Indiana, was having breakfast at the McDonald's when she made the grotesque discovery. 

According to WXIN, Eliason was eating a breakfast sandwich with a Diet Coke while going grocery shopping.  It was after she took a swig of the Diet Coke that she realized she had just sucked up a worm. 

“I took a big swig. My brain couldn’t identify what was in my mouth,” she told WXIN .  “I sucked it up through the straw,” she added.

Eliason claims she spit out the worm, and immediately took photos and shared them to Facebook. 

“Oh my God. What just happened? I have to get back to the store,” she said. “This is unacceptable. How did this happen?”

Eliason claims both the manager and store owner were unhelpful after she told them of the incident.  Allegedly the store owner chuckled as he offered her free Diet Coke for life. 

“I won’t drink another McDonald’s Diet Coke for life. I’ll have to find an alternative flavor," Eliason said.  “It makes me sick to my stomach [just thinking about it].”

She also claims that she may not be visiting McDonald's again in the near future.  She is also glad the story has gotten public attention. 

“The story needs to be told. Somebody has to be held accountable," she said.  

Sources: WTHR, WXIN / Photo credit: Nicole Eliason/Facebook via  WTHR

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