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Woman Whose Food Tasted 'Nasty' Realizes She Was Cooking With Olive Oil Shower Gel

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A woman whose food continuously tasted strange was shocked when she realized that she’d been cooking with olive oil shower gel the whole time.

“My friends food kept tasting funny. She bought new saucepans and was about to buy a new dishwasher....then I saw what she was cooking with,” the woman’s friend wrote alongside the photo on Reddit. 

The stunned cook, Melony Jackson, admitted on Facebook that the gel looked so much like actual olive oil that she added it to her meals on numerous occasions.

“I've thrown two saucepans away and nearly got rid of my dishwasher because my food kept tasting nasty,” she said. “Turns out what I thought was olive oil was olive oil shower gel. Chef of the week award is not mine.”

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The photo of the shower gel quickly went viral, with many questioning whether or not the story was actually true.

“The person in this (obviously fictional) story threw out their pots and pans and was about to replace the dishwasher,” one commenter wrote. Others defended Jackson, saying that it’s possible for such a mixup to occur — though it likely caused her to get sick.

“On an absent-minded Sunday, my mother once used dish washing liquid instead of oil,” one Redditor wrote. “The consistency was actually very similar - so are the bottles. We had a laugh and diarrhea.”

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