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Woman Who Ordered Deck Chairs Online Quickly Realizes She Made A Tiny Mistake

Christine Harford thought she was getting a great deal when she bought some stripped deck chairs for about $3 on Amazon, the online retail giant. 

"I knew what I wanted, an old-fashioned deck chair and people were saying to me 'you should look on eBay' and that there were some good offers on the Internet,” she told the Mirror. "It was my first time online shopping but I had a look at a few sites and eventually found one on Amazon exactly like the ones I was picturing.”

Although the shipping cost more than the chairs, Christine, 55 of Aveley, Essex, England, decided to snap up the bargain. “It was so good, I decided to get two: one for me and one for my husband,” she said.

A few days later, she got a small package in the mail. 

“I called my daughter Ellie (Harford) because she often orders things in my name online and I asked her if the parcel was for her. She said she had no idea what it was so I opened the parcel. I opened it and saw clothes pegs inside and thought 'I haven't ordered any clothes pegs," she says. "Then I opened it some more and saw the material and there I was holding these deck chairs in the palm of my hand.”

Christine didn’t realize she’d bought scale models of deck chairs, although the product’s description on Amazon indicates they are a “fairy garden accessory” and their measurements are listed in centimeters. 

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Despite her initial disappointment, Christine’s 16-year-old daughter Ellie helped her see the humor in the situation. After Ellie posted a photo of the tiny furniture to Twitter, the story went viral.

"I couldn't believe it when Ellie told me how much interest there'd been in it and it quickly seemed like everyone knew what had happened,” Christine said.

"At first I didn't find it very funny because I was still so disappointed but after a few days I definitely started to see the funny side and my family still haven't stopped laughing about the thought of me opening that little parcel. You've got to laugh really.”

Despite the mix up, the chairs are now being used in Ellie’s niece’s dollhouse.

Sources: Mirror, Ellie Harford/Twitter / Photo credit: Mirror


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