Woman Rejects Marriage Proposal For Dog (Photos)

One woman refused to marry a man out of loyalty to her dog.

Karishma Walia, who works as an analyst in India, refused an arranged marriage after the man voiced he had an issue with her dog, Lucy, the Daily Mail reports.

"My mom thought he’s an excellent match because he’s good-looking and well-off," explained Walia. "There was a lot of family pressure, and they still think I did the wrong thing by raising the concern about my dog."

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The potential suitor at first tried to discuss the situation further, assuming a compromise over her dog could be made when she expressed concerns.

"Can we think about a solution for this?" he wrote in a message. "I don't want a dog to come in between my love life and not share the same bed... That's for sure.. And my mom doesn't like dogs in general."

If he thought that would change her mind, he was in for a shock.

"So that's why I'm saying it won't work out!" she responded.

The man could not hold back his surprise.

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"Are you serious?" he said. "My god. Are you sure about your decision? It may be a temporary phase in life when you like dogs. We are talking of your life here."

"Yes I'm sure," responded Walia. "Having a dog is definitely not a temporary phase. I can't abandon my dog for anyone."

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Her rejected suitor eventually told Walia to go marry her dog, and she reprimanded him for being arrogant.

While he apologized for being "rude," he ended the message again implying she has got her priorities all wrong.

"It's good to have pets but when they come in between your life, it's good not to have them," he wrote. "But totally your call on this. It's just my opinion."

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Walia later explained this wasn't the first time the man had lectured her on what she should value.

“I have been talking to him for over a week now," she said, BuzzFeed reports. "I spoke to him [a] couple of times more, and he p**sed me off with the way he was enforcing his decisions on me.”

"He would say things like, 'Family should be a priority and not career,'" she added. "I gave up when he commented about my dog."

Sources: Daily MailBuzzFeed / Photo credit: Karishma Walia via BuzzFeed

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