Turtle Crashes Into Woman's Windshield And Survives


A Florida woman driving 75 miles per hour on I-4 west near Deltona, crashed into a turtle. The turtle went through her windshield as she was traveling in Volusia County on May 9. Luckily, it survived.

Officers say another car clipped the turtle, causing it to fly up into the air into Nicole Marie Bjanes' car, according to the Miami Herald. The animal shattered the windshield, bounced off the passenger seat and landed on the driver’s dashboard.

“A vehicle in front [of Bjanes’ car] ran over the turtle. The turtle was thrown airborne and struck the windshield ... shattering it,” explained the Florida Highway Patrol, according to ABC News.

The driver, from Orlando, suffered negligible wounds and was treated at the scene. Bjanes says when she saw the wreckage and debris, she had no idea what she had hit. Bjanes has also fixed her vehicle’s windshield since the accident.

Bjanes later posted pictures on Facebook of the turtle lying on her car’s dashboard, saying she wanted to keep the animal. “The turtle was okay and we put it back in the water,” she wrote.

FHP Sgt. Kim Montes says the turtle was released into a pond across the interstate following an examination by wildlife officers and after being given a clean bill of health.

Sources: Miami Herald, ABC News / Photo credit: Nicole Marie Bjanes/Facebook via Miami Herald

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