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Comedian's Good Deed Catches Woman By Surprise

A mother in Georgia got a pleasant surprise when comedian Jeff Foxworthy went out of his way to pay for her items at the grocery store.

Robin McFadden said she hadn't even realized the famed comic was behind her in line until he was swiping his credit card to cover her $25 bill.

"I was coming from my son's basketball game with my three sons and decided to go couponing at Publix in John's Creek," McFadden told WAGA. "I was at the register and between me worrying about my items and the kids fussing, I didn’t even know that Jeff Foxworthy was standing behind me."

While she was multitasking, McFadden heard the man behind her say, "How much is she short?" That's when she looked up and realized who she was in line with.

"He laughed, walked around me, put his card in the machine and said, 'Watch this,'" McFadden recalled. "I told him that he was going to make me cry, gave him a hug, thanked him and took [a] photo."

She uploaded the photo -- which shows her and Foxworthy standing together -- to Facebook Dec. 3.

"The kids were restless and look who was behind me," she wrote underneath the image. "He paid for my order when I wasn't looking! I love Jeff Foxworthy!"

McFadden's post has been liked over 560 times.

Sources: WAGA, Robin O McFadden/Facebook / Photo credit: Robin O McFadden/Facebook

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