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Woman Turns The Tables On Man Who Attempts To Rape Her (Photos)

When a man attempted to attack a female restaurant worker, he had no idea he was preying on a martial arts expert, and the satisfying encounter was captured on CCTV cameras.

Still photos taken from the CCTV footage show the man, Jin He, trying to ambush the woman as she was getting ready to leave the restaurant at the end of her shift. Reports say that He knocked on the locked door of the restaurant and asked to use the restaurant, and when 25-year-old Jia Tsou opened the door, he attempted to attack her.

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Tsou, however, wasn’t going down without a fight. The young woman, dressed in a mini skirt, grabbed the suspect by the throat and thwarted his initial attempt to rape her.

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As soon as Tsou fled the restaurant, however, He followed her outside and attempted to attack her once more.  If the man didn’t get the message the first time, he certainly did the second, as Tsou was able to get him to the ground and stop him from raping her.

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“She was very brave and her martial arts skills saved her,” Tsou’s friend said, according to The Daily Mirror. “Her attacker didn’t know what had hit him. At one point she had him on the floor and was sitting on him with her hands around his throat.”

Jin He is currently awaiting trial for attempted rape after police tracked him down using the surveillance footage.

Source: The Daily Mirror / Photo Source: The Daily Mirror


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