What This Man Did Touched The Hearts Of Many


A Florida woman’s Feb. 23 photo capturing a conversation between a homeless man and a Chick-fil-A employee has touched the hearts of many.

Amber Kelley stopped in wonder after she found the homeless man she regularly passes engaged in conversation over what looked like a meal with a Chick-fil-A worker, Mad World News reports.

After taking a photo of the touching scene, she shared it with the world through Facebook.

“What a beautiful random act of kindness,” she wrote. “Just a few raw moments of human beings being kind to one another and reaching out to do something completely selfless is what this world needs.”

She praised the employee for taking the time to get to know the man.

“I wish I had a second to stop and shake your hand and to tell you what a beautiful human being you truly are. I hope you two had an amazing exchange of words that neither one of you will forget,” she said. “You're a special young man and I hope you touched his heart as much as you touched mine.”

The post provoked comments from many also touched by the encounter. Many shared their own stories of acts of kindness they’ve witnessed.

Melissa King recounted the moment her best friend’s 10-year-old child decided to give a gift from her mother to the homeless on Love What Matter’s re-share of the original photo.

“My best friend’s child got her goal in selling girl scout cookies. So her mom wanted to reward her,” she wrote. “She wanted to go to tent city and feed the homeless. I can’t help but to wonder how that made them feel. That someone cared enough about them. It started with an answer from a 10 year old girl.”

Another Facebook user, Celinda Castro, wrote about the touching moment she witnessed while driving that day.

“I got to witness something beautiful today while waiting at a red light,” said Castro. “I was a few cars away from the light and there was a man in a wheelchair trying to cross on the other side of the light. He was having so much trouble, but a young man who was waiting in his truck at that side of the light got off and wheeled him across for his safety.”

Sources: Mad World News, Amber Kelly/Facebook,Love What Matters/Facebook / Photo credit: Amber Kelly/Facebook

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