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Woman Throws Glass At Comedian For Trump Joke (Video)

Two women recently cursed and threw a glass at comedian John Caparulo after he told joke about President Donald Trump at the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California (video below).

TMZ reports the women exited the club after the incident, which left Caparulo slightly injured and shocked.

"Like the Washington Monument, somebody got paid to design that s***?" joked Caparulo. "It's a f****** pencil. That s** is just a big f****** cement pencil. Some people think it looks like a d***, but I think they're saving that design for Trump's monument."

One of the women dropped the f-bomb on Caparulo, who responded in kind:

No, f*** you stupid. What are you his f****** mom, get the f*** out of here. Oh God, am I the first one to dislike Trump? Oh my god, I must've invented disliking Donald Trump. Hey, on your way out, remember, you can suck my b*** anytime you want, alright. F******* break up my show, lady, you know what you can come up here and do this s***.

The women did not take him up on his offer to do stand up, but one of them threw a glass at the comic, who said it hurt "a little bit."

Some in the audience cursed at the women as they left, but Caparulo continued:

And right now I still got to do comedy. You ever go to a family reunion and your uncle cusses out your grandma, and somebody comes up like, "Who wants cake?" And I got to be the guy who goes, "Who wants cake right now?" What the f*** was that? Did she get mad at anybody else for talking s*** on Trump?

Former NBA player Amar'e Stoudemire was recently asked if he was joking when he told Israel-based Walla! Sports what he would do if he had a gay teammate, reports

Stoudemire, who now plays for Hapoel Jerusalem in Israel's Premier League, said: "I'm going to shower across the street. Make sure my change of clothes are around the corner. And I'm going to drive -- take a different route to the gym."

Stoudemire was asked if he was joking, and the six-time NBA All-Star responded: "There's always a truth within a joke."

On a lighter note, Alec Baldwin and author Kurt Andersen are working on a comedy book about President Donald Trump titled: "You Can't Spell America Without Me: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as President Donald J. Trump," notes The Hollywood Reporter.

Baldwin, who has seen a career revival thanks to his Trump impression on "Saturday Night Live," will have the book out on Nov. 7, which will be about one year after Trump's election.


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