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Model Taken Into Custody After Dangling From Skyscraper (Photos)

A popular Instagram model was taken into police custody after taking photos dangling from a 1,008-foot-high Dubai skyscraper (video below).

Viki Odintcova, 23, has been forced to sign a statement vowing to never again take photos on top of the Cayan Tower in Dubai, the Daily Mail reported.

One of the now-viral Instagram photos shows Odintcova leaning out into thin air from atop the skyscraper while a male assistant is holding her hand.

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Another photo shows her completely dangling from the edge of the building, with the city in the background.

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The pictures got the attention of local police, who took the Russian model into custody.

"The actions of the Russian woman put her life at risk," Major General Halil Ibragim Al-Mansuri told The Sun.

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Odintcova said authorities should have thanked her for highlighting safety issues at the Cayan Tower, which is one of the tallest buildings in the world. She admitted that she was nervous before taking the photos.

"I still cannot believe that I did it," Odintcova said. "Every time I watch this video, my palms get sweaty."

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The video has been viewed more than 4 million times in the month since it was uploaded to YouTube. Most people did not appear to approve of the stunt.

"The stupidest and most desperate attempt for attention every done," wrote one commenter. "Sending a VERY WRONG message to many young people around the world ... Risking someone's life, even your own, for a few view and popularity is the most selfish and irresponsible thing you could ever do. The fact that some photographers will willing to take pictures of this and support such behaviour is horrific too."

Others thought the model showed some bravery.

"This is the bravest lady I have ever seen....if not the craziest by the same token???" wrote another commenter. "I can't even imagine myself doing something half as scary >> dangerous as that, and must confess I found it very hard to watch this... Ultimately however, this Viki is AWE INSPIRING beyond measure, and perhaps a prime example of what makes Russians such EXTRAORDINARY people, as well as a shining one to everyone that anything is possible: if one can CONQUER ALL FEAR here on Terra Firma!"

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun, Mavrin Studios Live/YouTube / Photo Credit: Instagram via Daily Mail

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