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Thief Gets A Shock Trying To Steal A Package (Video)

One woman attempting to steal a package from someone's doorstep got more than she bargained for when it exploded in her face (video below).

“I got fed up with having my Jeep parts stolen so I decided to rig a package with a 12 gauge blank shell," said Jaireme Barrow, the man who set the package in front of his house, KHOU reports. 

He didn't just stop there. Barrow also decided to secretly record the incident and upload the video to LiveLeak.

"Press play to see the aftermath,” Barrow wrote in the caption of what he calls, “Exploding package. Karma for package thief.” 

In the clip, the woman is trying to take the package when she hears a loud bang. 

The noise startles her and she screams and runs to her car, leaving the package behind. 

Many praised the man for his unusual way of seeking justice.

"I love Karma for package thieves," wrote one LiveLeak user. 

"Finally someone that's done what i've been wanting to do for a while," chimed in another.

Others weren't fans of the video.

Many wondered whether the clip was fake.

"In a real situation the girl would of looked to the left and right while approaching the porch," wrote one user. "She cautiously moved the pkg as if expecting it to go off..she would also not have screamed all the way back to the car."

Others believed it a legitimate clip, but that the rationale behind it could set a dangerous precedent.

"In any civilized part of the world, you'd be in jail for murder if you kill someone who steals a package from you," wrote one user. 

"While I may or may not agree with the karma from this, please note that these kinds of traps are illegal in most states and you can end up in a lot of trouble or sued," said one Reddit user.

Others said it was the man's right to booby trap a package.

"And this is why CA is in the mess that it is in," responded another user. "Take away the ability of one to defend their property and then all of the sudden, every crying heart has a claim to your stuff."

Sources: KHOU, LiveLeak, Reddit / Photo credit: LiveLeak

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