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Woman Takes Selfie, Destroys $200K Art Display (Video)

Woman Takes Selfie, Destroys $200K Art Display (Video) Promo Image

An unidentified woman accidentally destroyed $200,000 worth of art while taking a selfie at the 14th Factory gallery in Los Angeles (video below).

In an article posted on July 13, a spokeswoman at the 14th Factory told CNET the incident "happened around two weeks ago in a room in our 150,000-square-feet installation."

According to the spokeswoman, three sculptures suffered permanent damage, while other pieces had various degrees of damage. It's unclear if the art was insured.

In the video, an unidentified woman poses for a selfie, but leans against a pedestal. The structure tips over and causes a chain reaction, knocking over an entire row of pedestals.

The rest of the art exhibit is on display in the 14th Factory until July 30, the blog Hyperallergic reports.

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Simon Birch, an artist based in Hong Kong, Gabriel Chan, Jacob Blitzer and Gloria Yu created the exhibit, RT reports.

Birch recalled the incident to the news site.

"She was horrified and super upset and we took down her details but decided not to take action as it was clearly an accident and she's a student," he said.

Birch added: "Many of the crowns were ok, there were 11 on that row, some gold plated, some nylon and some other mixed materials. We fixed up most with a bit of glue and only 1 super delicate one was totally f***ed."

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"It’s real…" he continued. "...The girl came in and, though we tell everyone to be careful, the staff was in conversation with someone at the time and not paying attention. A well timed selfie could bring down a president, so why not a crown or two."

The video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube by an unidentified person who asserted he/she knew Birch, according to Hyperallergic.

The exhibition went through four years of delays before it opened in March, and includes art by Birch and 20 other artists. The art show is spread out over 14 rooms within a warehouse.

Crown-like objects made of gold, silver, marble, wood, nylon and scrap metal sat on top of the pedestals.

On May 1, The Los Angeles Times posted an ironic headline about the art exhibit: "Oh, the selfies you'll make at L.A.'s 14th Factory, where the art is so social. Our Instagram tour."

The newspaper wrote: "Needless to say, The 14th Factory is less ruminative art experience (sooooo muuuuch slooooo-moooooo) than it is a series of wondrous, over-the-top sets for the perfect selfie."

The destruction of the art was thoroughly mocked by RT readers:

No damage done, most , if not all of this modern "art" is an utter shite.

.. they could rename the art collection to "Self destruction" ..

A smart artist would claim that this is new "art" and that she actually improved the value of the collection. Sell it as is for $500k.

If they claim that it represents the overthrow of the tyranny of Whiteness and heterosexuality it might go for 1.5 million.

Sources: CNET, Hyperallergic, Los Angeles Times, RT / Photo Credit: Jacqui Brown/Flickr, Kurt:S/Flickr, Smabs Sputzer/Flickr

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