Los Angeles Woman Drops $35K To Become Real-Life Barbie (Photos)


A California woman has described her process in transforming her face and body from a goth-type look to a human Barbie. 

Ophelia Vanity, 30, from Los Angeles, has spent $35,000 on fillers, Botox and beauty treatments, all in a quest to look like the classic doll, the Daily Mail reports.

The Barbie-look-a-like woman has undergone more than one cosmetic procedure, and is currently mulling breast and bottom implants as well as rib removal surgery in a bid to achieve the famous doll's hourglass shape. 

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"I've always been into Barbie. As a kid, I'd get a doll every Christmas or birthday. I had a dozen or so and would play with them all the time," said Vanity. 

"I loved her aesthetic, and as I got older, I decided I wanted to emulate her. She's such an iconic character." 

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Vanity had notably spent her teenage years dressing in what is known as a gothic look -- complete with piercings, black clothes and heavy makeup.

But she sought a real change and began gravitating toward the Barbie look as she got older. 

Around age 22, she received her first Botox injection in order to make her face expressionless, like a doll. 

She remembers how nervous she was about the procedure, but later said the injections did not hurt. 

Reportedly pleased with the results, she began incorporating the injections on a regular basis and has now made them a part of her beauty routine. 

Around age 27, she began plumping her lips with lip fillers to emulate Barbie's signature pout. 

She now switches between Botox and lip fillers every six to nine months. She has also had non-surgical rhinoplasty, in which surgeons change the shape of the nose via filler injections. 

A year and a half ago, she finally embraced the change and went for bleached-blonde hair in order to make it look more like Barbie's. 

"Even when I had black hair, people would say I looked doll-like," said Vanity, who juggles several odd jobs, from personal assistant to modeling work, to support her beauty regime. 

"I think it's my eyes, which are naturally large. But I wanted a change, so decided to go fully blonde. Now, I have my hair bleached every two months."

She is now looking to have either four or six ribs removed, to follow in the footsteps of her fellow real-life Barbie follower Pixie Foxx, whom Vanity describes as an "inspiration." 

Foxx, 26, from North Carolina, has had about 19 cosmetic procedures, including the removal of six ribs and permanent eye color surgery, to achieve her cartoon woman look. 

By her own account, she has always been obsessed with cartoon characters like "Sleeping Beauty's" Aurora and Jessica Rabbit. 

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