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Woman Smashes Car In Cheating Revenge Rampage (Video)


A woman was caught on video (below) unleashing unbridled rage on a vehicle after discovering her boyfriend had allegedly cheated.

No one seemed to know who the car belongs to, whether it is the woman's ex-boyfriend or the woman he cheated with. Either way, this car was dealt the full fury of a woman scorned. 

The incident reportedly occurred in South Carolina on March 13.

Initially, the young woman hammers away at the doors before she scratches the paint on the sides of the vehicle with the claws of the hammer she wields throughout the incident, using it to gesture aggressively at the camera several times. 

She swings the full force of the hammer into the car's windows over and over until they break, without any apparent regard for her own safety. 

"Don't get that s*** in your eye," a man's voice advises from behind the camera.

Once the side windows are destroyed, she begins relentlessly pounding on the windshield with the hammer, smashing it thoroughly after at least a dozen swings. 

The woman can be heard making her feelings known several times throughout the video, originally posted to LiveLeak, as she repeatedly attacks the vehicle.  

This video had more than 40,000 views in less than a day.

At one point the woman suddenly walks toward the camera, apparently in response to hearing news that her ex might be trying to exact his own revenge for the damage to the vehicle.


"Who he say he's gonna get to beat my a**? Get 'em! Tell him I’ll knock them in the side of the head with this hammer!" 

Another woman's voice can be heard from off-camera as she reacts to the scene, exclaiming in a distressed tone, "She's f***ing bleeding!"

The video ends with the woman writing something into the paint on the hood of the car as she expresses her reasoning for the rampage. 

"He wanna f*** all these hoes and s***. Dirty a** n****."

Women unloading their frustrations onto vehicles after discovering they've been cheated on has gone from something out of a movie to a social media trend in recent years, with instances of scorned lovers spray-painting "cheater" on the sides of car doors, smashing windows and slashing tires. 

In December 2015, a woman in Sichuan, China, took a hammer to her ex-boyfriend's car, and the incident was recorded by passersby, reports MSN. She methodically -- and angrily -- smashes the car's windows and panels.

No one has yet reported if the woman in the video of the South Carolina incident was charged with destroying property.

Sources: LiveLeak, MSN / Photo credit: Twanda Baker/Flickr

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