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Woman Shocked When Decapitated Fish Squirms In Her Hand (Video)

One woman was terrified after a decapitated fish suddenly began squirming in her hand, and the entire event was caught on video.

In the video, it’s obvious that the fish, a bowfin, has been completely gutted and cleaned of its organs. In the background, the fish’s head sits in the sink.

The woman then uses a towel to stop the fish from slipping from her hands as she holds it by the tail. Suddenly, the fish jumps at the woman, which causes her to step back in shock.

The woman grasps the fish again, although it squirms even more as it falls from the chopping board and into the sink. The cameraman is shocked.

“I don’t believe this,” the cameraman says. “His muscles are still moving, his muscles still work.”

The woman finally pins the fish to the cutting board and tries to scale it, but it fights back.

“There is a nerve in the spine,” one YouTube user wrote. “The body is controlled by two parts, the brain and the spinal cord.”

The user noted that the body can still move because the spinal cord can still send impulses to the body. According to the user, a similar reaction can be seen in snakes after their heads have been chopped off. The user described the movements as a “reflex.”

The YouTube user went on to assure viewers that the fish was completely dead and therefore couldn't feel anything. 

Sources: DailyMail, Mirror

Photo Credit: Jukin


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