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Woman Drives Two Hours To Adopt Sad Dog On Facebook

Oftentimes a sad story will be circulated on social media but result in little action, with sympathetic internet users sharing or liking a story but not taking concrete steps to remedy a situation. When one California saw that an elderly dog was scheduled to be swiftly put down, she resolved to do something about it.

When an 18-year-old Pomeranian named Jaripo was brought into the Los Angeles-based Lancaster Animal Shelter, his days appeared to be numbered. His owner told staff that the elderly pooch was afflicted by a terminal illness and the facility was already prone to euthanizing dogs with a low probability of adoption in order to make room.

A social media post urging someone to intervene on Jaripo's behalf took off on Facebook, accruing numerous shares and hundreds of users weighing in on his story with emojis, according to Shareably.

While a social media presence can help drum up awareness, it does not necessarily result in actual results. When Ventura County resident Christina Morgan came across Jaripo's story, she felt compelled to take action.

"I get tagged in a lot of stuff on Facebook and I saw that this little (dog) was breaking the internet," Morgan told The Dodo. "Lots of people were tagging me. All the rescues were looking at it. But no one was really taking action -- and that's a high-kill shelter."

Morgan jumped in her car and made the two-hour drive from her home to the Lancaster Animal Shelter in the pouring rain. A person on a mission, she called the facility to alert them that help was on the way for Jaripo and urged staff not to euthanize him before she arrived.

The Lancaster staff made no promises, prompting Morgan to drive as fast as she could, recognizing that the little Pomeranian's fate was on a short timer.

"I got there in time and they were like, 'Oh my god, we're so excited that you're here,'" Morgan recalled.

In addition to saving Jaripo from certain death, Morgan decided to adopt an additional six animals from the shelter, which is certainly one way to justify a hurried drive through a storm.

"I ended up leaving with a cat with a bullet in him, this old dog and four other dogs," Morgan said.

After a medical examination, a veterinarian determined that Jaripo was suffering from the routine ailments of an extremely old dog, but that he was generally healthy and not terminally ill. The fortunate pooch will now be able to live out the rest of his days in a loving home.

"He's a happy camper," his savior concluded.

Morgan is the the co-founder of Paw Works, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing animals on the brink of euthanasia in Ventura County. Established in 2014, the organization managed to root out instances of animals being put down due to shelter overpopulation within the California county in just a month's time.

"By forming a rescue organization designed to place unwanted animals from county and city shelters in permanent homes, they hoped to help ease the tragic burden that is created when owners abandon their pets, and fail to spay or neuter their pets," Paw Works' official website states.

Based on Jaripo's story alone, Morgan takes the mission of her non-profit seriously and would go to great lengths to give innocent animals a second chance at life.

Sources: The Dodo, Paw WorksShareably / Photo Credit: Christina Morgan/Shareably

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