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Man Puts Two Anacondas On Girlfriend While She Sleeps (Video)

A video of a man placing two anacondas on his girlfriend while she slept as a prank is going viral (video below).

YouTube prankster Derek Deso's latest prank video has been viewed nearly 2 million times since being uploaded on Nov. 13. The video shows his friend dropping two huge anaconda snakes on his girlfriend while she slept in bed, the New York Daily News reported.

Deso then wakes his girlfriend, who immediately starts screaming.

“Derek, get them the f**k off of me!” she screams, as Deso laughs with his camera crew.

Deso eventually has the snakes safely removed, but the damage is done. He tries to comfort his crying girlfriend, but she pushes him away.

Several YouTube users commented on the video, mostly in disapproval of the prank.

"I swear that would not have been my boyfriend anymore," wrote one user.

"I felt so bad for the girl…," wrote another user. "She was clearly really afraid of the [snakes] and everyone just stood there laughing while she was panicking. Like, no. Not funny."

The couple has played pranks on each other before. Deso had previous scared his girlfriend into thinking clowns were going to kill her. She then returned the favor by pretending she was being attacked one day when Deso came home.

Sources: New York Daily News, Derek Deso/YouTube / Photo credit: Derek Deso/YouTube

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