Woman Runs Behind Car, Carries Refrigerator (Video)


A video (below) has surfaced of a woman running behind a car while carrying one end of a refrigerator in Kazakhstan.

The original title of the video was "Kelinka from Kazakhstan carrying a fridge behind the car," according to RT.com. The word "Kelinka" reportedly means a "multitalented fiancee."

An unidentified male is driving the car while the woman holds part of the fridge that will not fit in the trunk.

RT.com suggested this fridge-carrying might be a sign of progressive equal rights. While that's up for debate, Iran's policy on women not attending men's volleyball games is considered to be regressive by some women in the country.

A woman named "Mina" tried to enter a stadium in February to cheer Iran's men's volleyball team, which was competing in a tournament sponsored by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), but she was turned away by her own countrymen, noted Human Rights Watch.

Women have reportedly been banned from watching men's volleyball matches in Iranian stadiums since 2012.

The FIVB had promised that women would be allowed to watch the games, but Mina and some other women allegedly had to resort to watching the competition from the rooftop of a cafe until they were banned from the roof by authorities.

Women are reportedly banned from men's volleyball games because they are not supposed to hear male fans use foul language.

"Excluding women from stadiums is part of excluding women from society," Mina said, according to Human Rights Watch. "Iran has to see the consequences for not letting women go to the stadium."

Human Rights Watch noted that the FIVB has gone back on their word twice in allowing women in watching the volleyball games.

FIFA (International Federation of Association Football), which is the governing body for international soccer, will not allow Iran to host a game because of the same anti-woman policy.

Iran's volleyball team has qualified for the summer Olympics in Rio, but the country's policy violates the Olympic Committee's charter.

"The FIVB says, 'We want volleyball to be a family sport,'" Mina said. "But there is no family without women."

Some Muslim clerics have said that women who want to watch the games live are not acting Islamic, but Mina countered: "That’s not true. My mother – my whole family, really – is religious, and they love volleyball and football. And It’s not just me and my family."

Sources: RT.com, Human Rights Watch / Photo Credit: Unknown Original Source via YouTube

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