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'Don't You Take My Dog!': Woman Who Refused To Crate Dog Is Kicked Off Plane (Video)

Video (shown below) of a female passenger being escorted off a United Express flight in Salt Lake City has gone viral. 

The woman, who has not been identified, was onboard the United Airlines subsidiary’s  flight, bound for Chicago, but would not put her small dog back in its carrier, the Daily Mail reported. 

A fellow passenger apparently filmed the incident with his cellphone and posted it to YouTube under the username MrAdownie. 

The video opens with the woman sitting in her seat, muttering something to a man seated next to her. 

“HER DOG HAD BEEN GROWLING…” a message at the bottom of the video reads. “AND SNAPPING AT THE CREW. SHE REFUSED TO PUT IT IN A CARRIER…”

The messages continue and claim the woman called a flight attendant a name and the captain eventually returned the plane to the gate, where police were waiting. 

The edited video appears to jump forward a few moments and a police officer can be seen standing over the still-seated woman. 

“Is this your dog?” he asks.

“Yes it is my dog,” she answers. 

“OK,” the officer replies. “The captain is requesting that you get off the flight so you will need to take your dog with you.”

“And I want my money back before I get off this plane,” she responds. 

The officer tells the woman she will have to get off the flight first and look to make arrangements for a refund later. 

The two argue back and forth for a few moments, with neither completing a full sentence, when finally, the man says to her, “You’re going to go to jail if …”

“I’m not gonna go to jail mister,” she interrupts.  “You are looking to the wrong lady.”

Two officers can then be seen reaching for a dog’s carrying case and reaching for the woman to escort her off the plane. 

“Don’t you take my dog!” she screams. 

One officer is eventually escorts the woman down the aisle.

She can be heard shrieking in the background, at one point shouting, “You are breaking my arm.”

The Daily Mail spoke to a United Airlines representative who confirmed that the incident occurred but offered few details. 

“SkyWest flight 6227, operating as United Express from Salt Lake City to Chicago, returned to the gate after a passenger refused to comply with safety rules regarding in-flight transportation of pets,” the representative said. “The passenger was removed by local law enforcement, and the flight continued to Chicago.”

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube


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