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Woman Pays For Knoxville Police Officer's Meal, Leaves Heartwarming Note


A woman in Knoxville, Tennessee, delivered an unexpected gift to a local police officer to thank him for his service. 

The woman, who remains anonymous, paid for the meal of a Knoxville Police Department officer behind her at a Chick-fil-A drive-thru in late September. When the officer pulled up to the window of the drive-thru, a restaurant employee informed him the meal had already been paid for by the customer in front of him. 

The woman also left a handwritten note for the officer that read: "Thank you for your service in keeping me and my family safe! It doesn't go unnoticed." 

The note was signed, "A thankful citizen." 

KPD posted a picture of the note propped in front of a Chick-fil-A bag on the its Facebook page on Sept. 24, along with a message thanking the woman for her thoughtfulness. 

"The officer was extremely humbled and grateful for the caring thoughts that the community has shown to officers throughout the area," the post said. "Thank you!"

Sources: WBIR, Knoxville Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: Knoxville Police Department/Facebook


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