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Woman Partakes In Social Media Challenge Involving Stepping On American Flag (Video)

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A young woman posted a video online of her participating in a social media challenge to show support for a Georgia college student wanted by police, and the challenge — which involves stepping on the American flag — has garnered controversy nationwide.

Erica Walker posted a short video online (below) of her with a sign that read, “#EricSheppardChallenge,” stating that she was about to do the “Eric Sheppard challenge.”

“F*** your flag!” Walker said as she walked and stomped on a flag that was lying on the ground. “America is upside down,” the person behind the camera said as Walker continued to protest.

Walker, according to reports, is a radio talk show host who works for an organization that empowers youth in the Atlanta area.

The social media challenge began after Valdosta State University student Eric Sheppard went missing following the discovery of a gun in his unattended backpack on campus. Sheppard was one of a group of students who previously protested white supremacy on the school’s campus by walking on the American flag.

Watch Walker’s video below.

Sources: Campus Reform, Facebook

Photo Credit: Screen Capture Via YouTube


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