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Woman Learns Why It's Wrong To Park In A Handicap Spot (Video)

In a video titled "Payback Time," the National Geographic Channel served up some "vigilante justice" to a woman who parked illegally in a handicap parking space (video below).

In the video, a National Geographic journalist poses as a disability van driver, accompanied by several wheelchair-bound accomplices posing as handicapped.  

They drive around Austin, looking for a vehicle that’s parked in a handicap parking space.

Eventually, they find one at a restaurant called Jack Allen’s Kitchen, which specializes in “Southern-inspired flavors, crossed with the spice of southwestern cuisine that come together to create plates that will invigorate any palate and comfort the soul.” 

There, at Jack Allen’s Kitchen, in the prime handicap spot near the front door, sits an SUV without the proof required to occupy the space legally.

The undercover operatives put their plan into action, parking their van directly behind the offending SUV, effectively blocking it in.

When the women who owns the SUV comes out of the restaurant, the fake handicapped van occupants are unloaded one at a time, as slowly as possible, as she stands and watches.

Embarrassed, she apologizes, mentioning she would gladly move her car now. “I don’t think you can,” replies the guy who is slowly wheeling his collaborators from the van.

Sources: LittleThings, Jack Allen's Kitchen / Photo credit:

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