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Mom Outraged After Child Used To Promote Abortion

Mom Outraged After Child Used To Promote Abortion Promo Image

A North Carolina mother is speaking out after her disabled daughter's photo was used to promote eugenic abortion on Twitter.

Natalie Weaver says 9-year-old Sophia suffers from Rett syndrome, a neurological disorder that impairs brain development, thus affecting one's use of language and motor functions, reports Fox 8.

Consequently, Sophia depends on her family 24 hours a day, every day. The child was also born with face, hand, and feet deformities.

"We have to deal with so many challenges, but because of her my life is better," Natalie says. "I know what true happiness is."

Sadly, however, not everybody appreciates Sophia.

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Natalie was outraged and worried after somebody tweeted a picture of her 9-year-old daughter with a paragraph promoting coerced abortion.

They made sure to tag the m other in it before even sending her a direct message to stress their point.

"Yea it is okay to think that everything matters, however, a lot of them do not hence the amnio test," tweeted the individual, adding that those who choose not to abort an abnormal fetus should pay for all bills accrued because of the disabled child.

While Natalie reported the tweet and encouraged thousands of her follows to do so as well, Twitter reportedly never deleted the account nor removed the post.

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"I blocked it," she said. "I just hoped it was gone. But it was never removed. The account remained."

Consequently, only a few months later, the individual returned to throw more Twitter daggers.

"She will live a miserable life and be a burden on the family and society," one of the tweets read, according to Fox 8. "Civilization does not run on feels."


Eventually, after Natalie reached out to news outlets, Twitter was pressured to respond and take the post down.

"After reviewing your earlier report, it appears as though we missed a violation," they wrote Natalie in a message the mother shared on her Twitter account.

They admitted they'd made a mistake and that they did not have enough space in their reporting tool to include disability as a reason for reviewing a post. This may have been a reason why the abuse was allowed to continue.

The mother says she is no stranger to such attacks. Throughout Sophia's life, Natalie's been told her child should be dead, and Facebook users are no exception to the rule.

However, unlike Twitter, Facebook's reporting feature already has a category specifically for attacks against "people with disability or disease."

"Twitter needs to add people with disabilities as a category in their violation reporting," the angry mother says. "Otherwise people don’t know the appropriate category to select for hate towards people with disabilities."

Sources: Fox 8, Natalie Weaver/Twitter / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Natalie Weaver/Twitter

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