Is This The Worst 'Family Feud' Contestant Of All Time? (Video)


‘Family Feud’ host Steve Harvey was in disbelief when he tried to get an answer from a woman whom some are calling the worst contestant in the show’s history.

In an unaired clip shared to YouTube, a contestant named Sheila could not come up with a unique answer to a simple question, no matter how many chances she was given.

The question was very simple: “What is another way people say ‘mother?’”

The first contestant to answer said, “Mama,” and then Sheila’s family won the face-off by answering, “Mommy.”

After two of her family members failed to come up with an answer on the board, trying “nanny” and “nana,” Sheila struggled to come up with her own answer. She initially guessed “nana,” adding a slightly different pronunciation to the word uttered just moments before.

Then, after Harvey explained that she just guessed the same word, she said, “What about ‘mommy,’’’ putting an emphasis on the last syllable. 

Harvey was in disbelief and started joking with the audience. When he gave her one last shot to come up with her own answer, she, once again, tried to guess “nana.” 

“This s**t can’t be happening,” Harvey told the audience.

Watch the hilarious clip above.

Sources: NY PostUPRoxxFamilyFeud/YouTube / Photo Credit: FamilyFeud/YouTube Screenshot

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