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Finnish Couple Live Stream Fatal Drunk Driving Car Crash

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A young Finnish couple live streamed their own deaths when they they got behind the wheel of a car and drove recklessly after a night of heavy drinking.

The Daily Mail reports that the couple used the video sharing app Periscope shortly before their deaths.

Police are unsure of the exact circumstances behind their fatal escapade, but from the now-viral video, it it clear the couple was very reckless.

The pair begin the video by talking and drinking.  Then they take off their shirts -- the man is topless, the woman wears only a bra. They continue drinking copiously and talking for several hours. Then they get up and get into a car and start driving.

The woman in the video keeps the camera pointed at her face. In the video, a loud noise can be heard. The camera shakes violently and then cuts off.

Police believe the car was traveling well above 60 mph on a 30 mph stretch of road late at night. Though the video shows light, various Reddit viewers have pointed out that Finnish nights are far shorter because of their distance from the North Pole.

They were both killed in the crash. The video of the duo has been seen well over 130,000 times.

Reddit users were mostly critical of the pair in their comments:

It was live streamed. If you don't like it, don't watch the video, not sure why people keep reporting this. I hope this is a reality check for people who even think about drinking and driving, this thread isn't going anywhere.

smh. easily avoidable but everyone in this world thinks they have powers that nobody else have

So, night time, drunk, speeding. Honestly, I'm glad they both died and didn't cause any casualties. I mean seriously, apparently it wasn't even his first offense. These people could've fucking crashed onto a nice family or a husband/wife coming home late from work and f***ing killed them.

You'd think they'd finally f***ing revoke his license after the second time.

Whether it is the grim spectacle of knowingly watching two people ride to their deaths or a strange and morbid fascination with the behaviors that drive young people to cut their lives short, one cannot say. Nevertheless, the video has become a viral sensation overnight, and a horrifyingly eternal gravestone that will digitally immortalize the death of two young people.

Police are waiting on test results to know for if they were under the influence and by how much at the time of their death.

Sources: Daily Mail, Reddit / Photo credit: Pixabay

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